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Befriend Water

How water keeps your skin at bay
Who said taking care of your skin is only outer? Truth is, skincare starts by the simplest of
You can never guess how good water does to your skin
Water flow makes skin glow
Anatomically, when your blood circulation is normal, this can be visible on your skin, and what is
blood mostly made of? You guessed it … water, in result this means that flushed cheeks and rosy
lips can be achieved without makeup, in addition, drinking water can help you achieve an even
skin tone and complexion, a dream come true you say?
Not only that, but water also helps your digestive system flush toxins out of your skin, which has a great
effect when it comes to reducing acne and pimples as when pores get clogged and enlarged,
they are likely to cause breakouts, drinking lots of water shrinks pores making them less likely to
clog., reducing acne and blemishes
Water also provides your skin with needed moisture, keeping skin tissues hydrated leading to an
increase in elasticity, resilience & plumpness and delay of signs of aging such as dark circles, fine
lines or wrinkles.
We all know how painful sunburns can be right? Another interesting piece of information is that
drinking more water can speed up the healing process of your sunburns as well.
Do you suffer from itchiness? When your skin is thirsty and dry, it is more likely to flake, itch and
crack, hydration provided by drinking water prevents all painful signs of dryness.
Another surprise for you is that water is a great contributor to tighter skin, that is because it
retains skin elasticity, making it bounce back from sagging.
How much to drink?
It’s preferable to drink not less than 2 ½ liters per day, yet it’s always the more the merrier when
it comes to water.
& remember that the more activity your body does, the more water it needs.
How to know that I’m drinking enough water?
Amount of water needed by the body is often indicated by the color of urine if it’s pale yellow
then you’re drinking enough, if it’s yellow/dark yellow then you probably need to drink more.

So, make sure to have a water bottle at hand, and take adequate sips even when not feeling
quite thirsty.